We were always into health and fitness and then life happened. We moved a lot, had a baby, and taking care of our home and our son became top priority. So, naturally some things took a back seat to the gym. Obesity has always been an issue in the U.S and we wanted to create something that would help. So, we took to Facebook and asked people what they thought was hardest about staying in shape and we kept hearing some of the same answers. 1. It's expensive to eat healthy 2. It's time consuming/My schedule is too full 3. They don't know how to meal prep/Eating healthy is boring. 4. They are not motivated because they are doing it alone. We wanted to fix that. We wanted to give everyone a chance to get over their fitness hurdle, whatever it may be, by any means necessary. We wanted people to have the access to live a healthier lifestyle for a very low cost compared to what everyone else is offering. We gathered up beta-testers who all received amazing results and we knew we had to get this information into more hands and Workout Buddy was born. Whatever the reason Workout Buddy WILL find a way. We promise!