This herbal fat burner tea totally lives up to it's name. Infused with three different natural herbs, this tea packs a healthy punch! No added chemicals, GMOs, or toxic additives. In addition to speeding up your metabolism to help burn fat and aid in weight loss, this tea provides tons of healing, diuretic, and inflammatory properties. Some of these benefits include lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol, aids in digestion, rich in vitamins (A,B, & C) and minerals, purifies blood, helps boost immune system to prevent infections, stops growth of parasites, helps with inflammation, and flushes out excess fluids and toxins from the body so that you can perform your best among many other benefits! *herbs included are hibiscus flower, cocolmeca root herb, and soursop leaf* NOT TO BE CONSUMED BY PREGNANT WOMEN AND THOSE WITH LOW BLOOD PRESSURE.